Unfortunately, it is a fact that hair is very easy to damage

Strong sun, hair straightener, bleaching and colour-treating, as well as toxins present in the environment, cause the so-called oxidative stress, which imbalances the cells, and changes the structure of the hair. Dry strands lose moisture from the inside because the outer layer of scales is over-stretched and begins to raise from the stem. Any attempt to hydrate ends in a fiasco because the hydrolyzed molecules are not able to stay within the hair for a long time.

There is no barrier to prevent toxins and any harmful substances that often occur in shampoos and conditioners from penetrating the inner parts of the hair. Lifted scales pave their way inside. There is a phenomenon that the Greeks would call a tragic situation: hair not only gets the right amount of moisture but is also stormed with destructive ingredients from the outside. The vicious circle closes, and the hair becomes damaged to such an extent that it soon becomes fragile, brittle, and its growth is inhibited.

Dry, high porosity hair requires constant care; It will not only be pleased with only a lotion or hair conditioner, no mask that is applied once a week will regenerate such strands.

Dehydrated strands need regeneration, which will be tightly adjusted to their porosity, that is, the level of how high the scales are lifted. Such – staying in close symbiosis with the hair – care can only be provided with natural hair oils. Their molecules can be large enough to fit the gaps and holes in the cuticle of high porosity hair. Oils, however, are more than just matching molecules. They are also rich in minerals, phytosterols, essential fatty acids and vitamins, which directly contribute to improving the condition of the hair, strengthen it and beautify it. The hair is no longer so easy to damage, and its water-lipid layer is improved.

There are plenty of hair oils recommended for dry hair available on the market. Women often don’t know which one to choose for the perfect moisture and hair regeneration. The ranking rounds up six oils worth our and – most of all – your attention. After running through it, you won’t have any doubts about the choice of the right one to get healthier hair. Enjoy reading!


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Position in the ranking: 1

INTENDED USE: Nanoil For High Porosity Hair is one of the three oils available in the range. The high porosity version is designed to rebuild, moisten, beautify and protect dry, damaged hair. Nanoil will also take care of the dry sensitive and irritated scalp. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS: Nanoil nourishes the scalp and bulbs and the entire length of hair. It balances...

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Position in the ranking: 2

INTENDED USE: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Rose Millenaire is designed for regenerating dry, fragile hair that lacks moisture. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Rose Millenaire restores resilience and moisture and protects thin and weak hair leaving a beautiful scent. Kerastase product is equipped with a pump that does the right...

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Position in the ranking: 3

INTENDED USE One of the most universal natural oils that can be used on almost every hair type. It works best on highly-porous, damaged, dry hair, and if you heat style frequently. What’s important, Nanoil Argan Oil can be used on body, nails and face too. It is an all-purpose oil so everybody should have it close at hand. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS This simple...

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Position in the ranking: 4

INTENDED USE: Moroccan Oil Treatment Light is designed for dry and delicate hair that has lost elasticity, radiance and which requires special treatment to prevent dehydrating. Moroccanoil Treatment Light is intended to ensure the correct level of hair moisture. It is especially recommended for bleached hair, whose structure has been weakened. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS: Moroccanoil...

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Position in the ranking: 5

INTENDED USE: The primary task of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Rose Oil is to take care of dry, brittle hair and scalp. The product prevents dehydrating, nurtures, softens, nourishes and enhances shine. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS: Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Rose Oil is one of three BC Bonacure oils. The product is unique because it is suitable for application to...

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Position in the ranking: 6

INTENDED USE: Wella Luxe Hair Oil is designed to rebuild and improve the structure of dry, rough hair that also lacks moisture and elasticity. COMPOSITION AND EFFECTS: Wella Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir provides texturising effects thanks to combining natural oils which are able to not only penetrate the inside of the hair but also to secure it on the surface as...